College Hill Historic District

In collaboration with WSU Public History students, CHA supported research leading to the successful nomination of the College Hill Historic District to the National Register of Historic Places. Following the nomination, the CHA collaborated with WSU DTC students to design and produce informational and pride-inspiring signage placed around the District’s perimeter.

Why preservation?

1. The stock of historic buildings in College Hill Neighborhood is an important community resource--part of what makes the neighborhood unique, charming and livable.

2. The need for historic preservation is urgent as deferred maintenance threatens the finite (and ever-decreasing supply) of historic structures

3. Preservation planning attracts new kinds of investors and long-term residents who will improve property conditions

4. Preservation planning discourages irresponsible use of our community’s historic and cultural resources

5. Historic preservation contributes to the diversity and economic vitality of the entire Pullman community

6. A critical mass of preservation-minded investors and residents will stabilize the neighborhood, addressing other goals, including aesthetic and behavioral issues