Since its inception in 1992, College Hill Association projects have enriched College Hill and the Pullman community. To list a few recent examples,

Brick Roads Preservation Project: In collaboration with a WSU Architecture Class, the CHA supported research leading to the successful nomination of Star Route and Palouse Street Brick Road to the National Register of Historic Places, the Washington Heritage Register, and the Pullman Register of Historic Places.

College Hill Historic District: In collaboration with WSU Public History students, the CHA supported research leading the successful nomination of the College Hill Historic District to the National Register of Historic Places. Following the nomination, the CHA collaborated with WSU DTC students to design and produce informational and pride-inspiring signage placed around the District’s perimeter.

College Hill Neighborhood Sign: In collaboration with WSU Architecture students, the CHA supported a project to design and construct a welcoming neighborhood sign at the intersection of Opal Street and Maiden Lane.

Street Tree Replacement: In collaboration with the City of Pullman, the CHA provides funds for the installation of public street trees throughout the College Hill Neighborhood.

Historic Property Nominations: The CHA has provided support to many College Hill property owners who wish to have their property designated on the Pullman Register of Historic Places. As a result of this support, College Hill is leading the way in the City of Pullman’s historic preservation efforts.