About Us

The College Hill Association is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit corporation. Contributions to CHA are tax-deductible, and CHA is qualified to receive tax-deductible bequests, devises, transfers, and gifts.

CHA is the only commercially independent neighborhood group that works proactively for the long-term common good of all neighborhood interests, including short- and long-term residents, businesses, and faith communities.

Values Rooted in Purpose and Place:

  • Authenticity Strengthening neighborhood identity and distinctiveness while preserving and enhancing places for future generations
  • Connection Nurturing strong bonds among association members and the community
  • Inclusion Fostering a social environment that welcomes and provides opportunities for all
  • Justice Promoting local self-determination through a long-term vision for the common good
  • Sustainability Preserving the built environment and enhancing the natural environment to realize a more livable neighborhood and community

Vision Statement

CHA envisions a vibrant, diverse, and improving community that welcomes all and values the neighborhood's historic character. The following qualities represent our vision for public life on College Hill:

College Hill has a unique pride of place. Proximity to Washington State University's flagship campus and Pullman's downtown business district makes College Hill a highly desirable location to live in and visit. The built environment is characterized by clean, tree-lined streets and historic architecture in many forms from single-family residences to churches, commercial and public buildings, and stately WSU Greek-community houses.

College Hill is walkable. The active pedestrian community is served by excellent infrastructure, including lighting, paths, and public transit. Small commercial areas scattered within and near the neighborhood allow College Hill residents to perform daily errands and enjoy a night out without use of a car.

Green and open spaces balance the density of College Hill's built environment. The economic, health, and environmental benefits of the neighborhoods green areas are acknowledged and prioritized; the urban forest and tree canopy are protected and well maintained.

Residents and visitors experience College Hill as a richly diverse neighborhood community that is safe and welcoming for all.

More Information:

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  • Authenticity